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Master Marine represents on exclusive basis for Italy and Monaco selected companies acting in the marine and industrial market.

The services we are offering can assist:

: Bilge water separators, sewage treatment plants, tank washing systems fixed and portable, deck machineries, mooring ropes and steel wires, rudders and steering gears, ramps, hatch covers, box coolers systems, nitrogen gas systems, chockfast resins.

: Bilge water separators, sewage treatment plants, deck machineries, mooring ropes and steel wires, chockfast resins.

Sailing Vessels
: Mooring ropes and steel wires, repairs and maintenance in port and under sail, bunker analysis, portable washing systems
for tanks and holds of bulk-carriers, repair of reduction gears, new and reconditioned spare parts for diesel engines, tri-metallic bearings,
turbochargers, monitors, port - a - lab kits, lashing equipments, para NOX equipments, filters.

: Mechanical grabs at four wires, pear sockets & quick release links, steel wires, engine spare parts, oil and water coolers cooled by air, cranes, heavy steel structures, converters, vessels, ladles, torpedo ladle cars, transfer cars, chockfast resins.

Spare parts Mooring and towing ropes Widlasses and winches Bunker analysis Lashing equipments
Rudders and steering gears Portable Lab Kits Monitors for bilge water separators Nitrogen inert gas systems Lineboring
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